A Brief History

The Vultee

The BT-13 series trainers were used in the second phase of flight training for pilots in USAAC/ USAAF service while the identical version was known as the SNV in US Navy and Marine Corp training squadrons. While in the Primary Trainining phase, cadet pilots flew the PT-19 and PT-17 aircraft, and their construction consisted mostly of fabric covered steel tube fuselages and wooden wings, and the BT-13 trainers were of an all aluminum stress skin construction. The BT-13's were more powerful and now cadets had to learn air to air and air to ground communications. Night and formation flying were also on the curriculum during Basic Training. The BT-13 used a two position propellor for climb and cruise operations and pilots were now learning engine management. Over 9,500 of the BT-13 series basic trainers were produced, and only around 45 to 50 are still flying today.



- Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-1 radial engine

3,375 lbs. - empty weight

Wingspan: 42' 0"
Length: 28' 10"
Height: 11' 6"

Built By M. D. Aero